Cyberstalked Example - Teacher Stalked

A 35 year old Vancouver teacher relentlessly stalked for two-and-a-half years, despite a court ruling ordering virtual material removed and his ex-girlfriend jailed for contempt of court.  Lee David Clayworth dated Lee Ching Yan in 2010 while teaching in Malaysia. After they had split-up, Yan broke into Clayworth’s apartment and stole his laptop, hard drive as well as other personal belongings. She  then hacked his email account, pretended to be him and sent messages to all his contacts about how he had sex with underage students.

As of today, Yan continues to post nude photos and defamatory remarks on social media sites related to, or naming, Clayworth.  Despite the efforts of the legal system and attempts with different search engines, Clayworth has been unsuccessful in stopping this cyberstalking. He believes perspective educational employers are turned off by the web postings and will not hire him.