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InfoTransec begins where others leave off.

While there are a growing number of off-the-shelf products claiming to recover files, what many of these tools fail to do is search beyond the locations offered by a computer's file management system.  It is at the physical disk level, beyond a file management system's reach, that we can find lost and deleted data, of all sorts. This unreachable area of a disc is often referred to as Unallocated Space and unlike files that are allocated (that you can readily see), data found here have no filenames or timestamps.

Using highly sophisticated, modern-day forensic software tools, we not only have the ability to reach these lost bits of data, but we can reassemble fragmented items to rebuild important documents. We can also reach inside of these recoverable blocks of data and decode hidden metadata (as often found in Office documents) such as File Creation timestamps and Author details.  Quite often, customers that come to us have had their hard drive (or flash memory card) inadvertently formatted or erased. Sometimes, the primary partition can become corrupted or deleted. This is where the experts at InfoTransec come to the rescue.

In situations where a hard drive has actually failed or is not accessible due to a non-moving part, we will attempt to access or repair the damaged drive in-house. If that is not possible, then we can send the drive to our upstream data recovery lab where it will undergo a complete physical recovery process.  Although this latter option can sometimes be a bit costly, it does have a very high success rate. However, we recognize that even the best efforts are sometimes not enough to revive a badly damaged drive. That is why we charge a minimum small administration fee for each case, and if we are unable to recover your data, then you can rest assured that you won't be charged anything more.  So, no matter how big or small the project is, we are here to help you get your data back!


Why Choose InfoTransec's Data Recovery Lab?

Data Recovery in Toronto service

  • Reliable and professional Data recovery in Greater Hamilton and Toronto Area.
  • Free Diagnostic for data recovery Hamilton based drives. (Diagnostic is free for Hamilton clients only)
  • In order to better assist you with your data lost crisis, we offer free pickups for data recovery though out Hamilton.
  • We perform data recover on any type of storage devices including Hard Drives, USB cards, SSD cards, RAID Drives and any other type storage holding data digitally.
  • Our services for data recovery throughout Hamilton are priced reasonably and we guarantee the lowest price comparing to similar service providers at the same professional level.
Our services are ideal for clients including:
  • Small to Large Enterprises
  • Financial Institutions and E-Commerce Providers
  • Public and Government Departments (like, Health Services)
  • Private Individuals
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Do not trust companies that claim that they can help you with data recovery unless they offer free diagnosis. A number of computer repair shops that claim to perform data recovery in Hamilton simply use basic freeware software which are mostly available online but cannot recover any data in 90% of cases. In GHTA, there are only a limited number of data recovery labs that have the professional equipment, facilities, knowledge and experience in data retrieval and InfoTransec Inc. is one of the leading ones in this field.