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Overview InfoTransec’s Security Assessment (SA) practice has recognized capabilities and subject matter experience assisting clients in understanding areas of business and industry risk (governance, process, operations, and IT) that translates and... + read more
Enterprises leveraging cloud infrastructures have become natural targets for threat actors and other malicious insiders.  As security controls used within an organization are not easily adapted to cloud infrastructures, this creates a... + read more
Why Vulnerability Assessments are Important. The rise of sophisticated attackers and the increasing dependence on cloud and SaaS based services, increases the need for the highest confidence and most actionable intelligence for your organization... + read more
The Internet today plays a vital role to almost every individual, business, organization, government, and media group. Information is proliferated through a variety of different conduits, the most popular of which include message forums, blog sites... + read more
A cyber-attack not only impact an organization’s reputation, but also their stakeholder confidence, market share, revenue and profit, but could also result legal/regulatory noncompliance and financial penalties.  Meanwhile the... + read more
Why Penetration Testing? New vulnerabilities are discovered at an astonishing rate. Threat Actors analyze these vulnerabilities to determine if exploit code is available or can be developed. With this exploit code, the launch pad is ready to... + read more