About Us

InfoTransec provides our clients with professional security services through delivering comprehensive, enterprise-wide security assessments along with designing and deploying services to help you build more effective information security solutions. Our expert security consultants, working within the C.I.A. (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) framework, can implement and/or train on current best network security practices that can reduce online and internal threats to your critical business assets.
Our security experts use proprietary toolsets and the latest information security threat intelligence with advanced countermeasures to help you build effective security programs that enhance your business operations and improve your security posture. Some of the many services that we offer:

  • Mitigating security threats to business operations
  • Proactively address security issues before they are exploited
  • Comply with regulatory guidelines
  • Lower operating costs through the consistent deployment of security policy and procedures
  • Provide secure extensions of business applications
  • Improve productivity by optimizing security efforts for efficient management and maintenance
  • Shorten implementation cycles for new security solution deployments and software updates
  • Limit the impact of security incidents with advanced preparation and incident response

Some of the other services that we offer within the extensive spectrum of information security would be in the areas of security governance, privacy, threat mitigation, data security, identity and access management, education and training.
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