Data Security


A single breach can have a devastating impact on any organization, including their financial costs, loss of customer confidence, industry trust, among other undesirable consequences.  Organizations must ensure their data remains secure at all times.  This applies to all data and technologies used within the organization, including their data-at-rest as well as in data-in-transit.  Securing this data in an ongoing challenge that becomes more sophisticated as IT technologies evolve.  As a result, the need to protect your data and applications evolves at this same rate.

InfoTransec's specialists have the ability to provide a detailed Data Security evaluation along with recommendations that will enhance your organizations ability to ensure your data is secured. Our assessments evaluate the most appropriate elements of a data security strategy. 

Our services are ideal for clients including:
  • Private Sector Organizations
  • Small to Large Enterprises
  • Financial Institutions and E-Commerce Providers
  • Public and Government Departments including Health Services
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