Identity and Access Management Architecture

Identity and access management is extremely critical to all organizations in controlling information about users, network resources, applications and hardware.  This information authenticates the identity and authorizes the access for each valid user of the organization’s technology infrastructure.  For an Enterprise, we need to define access controls based on organization structure and operation objectives. The problem arises when we need to deal with the complexity of relationships between the clients, roles and operation requirements in such a model.

In a multi-layer network area, one of the critical aspects of security is having precise definition and setup of Access Controls (ACL).  ACL’s are one of the most important protection methods which can be considered as a fundamental mechanism in the context of security.  Nowadays, modern operating systems authentication mechanisms are designed the way which can manage access to files, communications ports and all other system resources while most of them have the capability of bridging these ACL between different OS platforms.

Does your identity strategy encompass the processes and technology required to protect your valuable resources? Is identity lifecycle management established within your organization to ensure that your security strategies support compliance with government regulations?

Our qualified security specialist are able to provide a detailed assessment of your identity strategy, with recommendations to enhance your security infrastructure. Key Elements of this Access LifeCycle include maintaining, modifying and monitoring of digital ID’s, password management tools, security policy enforcement applications, reporting and monitoring applications.

Our services are ideal for clients including:

  • Information Security Division
  • Identity and Access Management Services
  • Private Sector Organizations
  • Small to Large Enterprises
  • Financial Institutions and E-Commerce Providers
  • Public and Government Departments (like, Health Services)