Incident Response

At the time of a cyber breach, there is a number of questions that need to be answered. These questions can range from identifying the patient zero to the current state of the organization at the time of detection.

In these occasions, many organizations work reactively on an ad-hoc basis to analyze events and respond quickly to regulatory requests. However, a solid, testable Incident Response (IR) plan along with technically detailed playbooks that relies on Computer Forensics Science can help organizations to prepare and respond efficiently and effectively to cyber incidents.

A comprehensive IR plan covers the governance forum of cyber incident response, that is the incident command system pertained to that organizations with clearly defined roles and responsibilities; The action steps for each roles at the time of an incident; A communication and notification plan, as well as key performance indicators and industry approved service level objectives to observe the performance of the incident response plan over time.

Our security experts use commercial and proprietary computer forensics toolsets and the latest Incident Response techniques combined with cybersecurity threat intelligence feeds to help you build an effective and fit-for-use defense plan against specific cyber risks
associated to your line of business.