Intelligence Analysis and Tradecraft Services

The Internet today plays a vital role to almost every individual, business, organization, government, and media group. Information is proliferated through a variety of different conduits, the most popular of which include message forums, blog sites, chat rooms, email services, and social networks. Use of these sites is prone to accidental disclosure of confidential information and theft of intellectual property.

With the advent of social networking sites such as,, and, confidential personal and business information is at high risk of being disclosed either mistakenly, or intentionally. Since many of these types of sites contain permission-based membership (e.g., to the site, to the individual social networks/groups), it sometimes becomes necessary to infiltrate these groups in order to investigate client claims. This tactic is equally effective in conducting undercover purchases on sites like eBay where a party may be fencing stolen goods, or shipping fraudulent product.

At InfoTransec, we are experienced in criminal investigations and have the skills, knowledge and training to contemplate undercover assignments, if necessary. We also have established key relationships with select professional organizations in various countries. This intelligence network can be helpful in breaking down communication barriers due to geographical boundaries.

A special service we also offer is the discovery of historical domain name registration, with a focus of identifying past administrative, technical, or owner registrants. We also attempt to identify true identities, or facts relating to, online monikers and/or user names.

Our experience has shown that persons tend to re-use variations of their user names and it is then simply a matter of discovering and collecting any associated information. We will then enlist conventional private investigators to conduct background and financial checks on suspects to confirm their true identities.

Our services are ideal for clients including:

● Legal Firms
● Human Resources Departments
● Financial Institutions and E-Commerce Providers
● Government Departments (like, Police and Health Services)
● Outsourced Information Technology Services Providers
● Private Individuals
● Any organization with I.P. that they need to protect or recover.

InfoTransec investigators are experienced in using the Internet and related technologies and resources to exploit publicly available data stores to find answers to client questions. Using a combination of special investigative techniques and software tools, we can research and identify information that is key to an investigation. Results are collected using forensic best practices and presented in a medium that is intuitive and meaningful.