Vulnerability Assessment

Why Vulnerability Assessments are Important.

The rise of sophisticated attackers and the increasing dependence on cloud and SaaS based services, increases the need for the highest confidence and most actionable intelligence for your organization’s exposure to security incidents. To address this, vulnerability assessments are used to discover which vulnerabilities are present, however they do not differentiate between flaws that can be exploited to cause damage, and those that cannot.

Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests can help organizations whether large or small to identify:

● Inherent vulnerabilities through simulated attacks on infrastructure and applications
● Flaws in your technological architecture or infrastructure
● Security errors in application and software code
● Vulnerabilities in processes, policies, procedures and personnel

Our services include:

In order to ensure systems are protected against the latest risks and attacks, organisations need to utilise skilled experts to secure their infrastructure and applications. IntoTransec offers these services to help mitigating the risk of security breaches:

Vulnerability Assessments: assessment of the risks posed by security vulnerabilities in your systems
Configuration Review: review all aspects of your servers configuration to determine weaknesses

InfoTransec’s professional team can perform an in depth assessment of your equipment, software, and processes throughout your entire Information Technology system. This complete and thorough assessments of all Internet based and internal systems ensures total coverage and allows you to understand the vulnerabilities at every level.

Our core values:

● We consider ourselves a partner with our clients and go further in  translating technical issues found into real business risks
● We pride ourselves in assisting our clients resolve vulnerabilities in a vendor-agnostic way
● We deliver reports that are written in easy to understand language and provide clear guidance on how to solve issues discovered
● All penetration tests are performed by InfoTransec professionals in controlled environments limiting your exposure and disclosure
● Our professionals arrive at their conclusions by using the same tools and techniques as today’s attackers following a pragmatic and project based approach while exercising extreme care on live or in-production systems