Cloud Security

Enterprises leveraging cloud infrastructures have become natural targets for threat actors and other malicious insiders.  As security controls used within an organization are not easily adapted to cloud infrastructures, this creates a security gap as they fail to realize what aspects of security they are responsible for, and how to have it properly secured.  Many of the recent data breaches of 2017 were the result of organizations using poorly managed, and poorly secured cloud infrastructure, which eventually led to their compromise.

Ensuring cloud data and applications of an organization are secure, while complying with regulatory and compliance requirements is a big job, yet definitely achievable.  Custom solutions must be designed and tailored to each client’s unique requirements.  Many factors are taken into consideration when designing a custom cloud security solution including Identity Management, Data Security (Encryption and Tokenization), SIEM / SOC Integration, Threat Detection, and Incident Response.  Each of these factors help provide a holistic view of the cloud security requirements of the organization and provides the foundation for securing their cloud environment, while integrating existing processes and technologies.

InfoTransec provides cloud based security services to organizations that need to build and enhance their cloud security capabilities in the following areas:

● Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Implementations
● Data Encryption and Tokenization
● Process Auditing, Policy Enforcement, and Data Protection
● Governance, Risk and Compliance
● Cloud Security Architecture